Thomas Moawad

Generating Image Based Song Recommendations with Google Gemini and Spotify APIs

Posted: May 05, 2024

As a fun exploration, I wanted to challenge myself to build a GenAI enabled application. In this project, I created a basic NextJS application to integrate Google Gemini’s image recognition functionality with Spotify’s music library and search functionality. This article will walk through the key components of this project. All code is available on my Github at tjm165/gemini-spotify-recommendation.

A step by step guide to running a local LLM with llama-cpp-python

Posted: April 02, 2024

As we enter the era of GenAI, LLMS can come with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, the open source community has introduced a lgithweight version of these cutting-edge technologies, enabling experimentation without breaking your budget. This article will guide you though three simple steps to kickstart your journey with llama-cpp-python. A lightweight LLM model levering the strengths of C++, Python, and innovative quantization techniques.